Tips to Help Owners Spot Foreclosure Scams

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According to an article by the REALTOR Daily Real Estate News, “Last year, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission identified 71 companies running suspicious foreclosure rescue ads. This year, the Better Business Bureau named foreclosure rescue rip-offs among its top 10 scams.

Here are just two common scams identified in the September “Foreclosure Resource Guide” now available at the REALTOR® Content Resource:

1. A representative of a so-called foreclosure rescue company promises to negotiate a deal with your lender, instructing you not to contact your lender, lawyer, or credit counselor during the supposed negotiations. Once you pay an up-front fee or a few months of mortgage payments, the scam artist will disappear.

2. A scam artist promises to fend off foreclosure in exchange for an up-front fee. Instead of getting you legitimate relief, the fraudster will pocket the fee and secretly file a bankruptcy case in your name.

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