Downsizing a Home Requires Downsizing Contents

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You find that the children have moved out and you do not need that big of a home anymore.  Another thought is that you are going through a life change such as financial distress, divorce, death of a loved one, or illness.  You want to move to something smaller, but the task seems overwhelming.  Every closet and room is full and it is overflowing in the storage building.  What to do with all the STUFF that makes up the years you have been in the home.

You can get experts to help you get moving or sometimes incorporating good friends and family.  The key to downsizing is to sort through your stuff regularly and get rid of what you no longer use.  You’ll thank yourself on moving day.  There is a lot of trash when you have been living in the same place for many years.

Emotional Effects

Think about how much storage space you will have in the place you are moving to.  Space gets even tighter if you are moving to a condominium, nursing home or assisted-living site.  You have to think about the emotional impact of going through your belongings.  There are a lot of memories packed into those boxes in the attic.  It is easy to feel “overwhelmed” and to procrastinate and then become frozen.

Sometimes it is just the act of “getting started” that is the most difficult.  One way to get going is to have a family get-together.  Make it a party where each of the children puts Post-its on what he or she wants.  If  you want there are also companies that specialize in helping with downsizing.  They help organize estate sales or auctions, line up items for donations and assist with packing.  Having someone to walk you through the process is a big help.

Since there is less room for boxes of old belongings in a smaller home, there is also going to be less room for the person moving in.  You have to learn to live in a smaller space.  Before moving try to think about the practical aspects of everyday life.  How much will you miss a yard or having a garden?  Can you get by with a one-car garage or no garage instead of the two-car space you always had?

You will find often times that letting go and making room for that new chapter in your life is quite exciting.  Time to make some new memories!