Social Media and Real Estate – Part 1

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Social media has become a way of life in our country over the past decade. With more and more people using sites like Facebook, and applications like Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, Laptop having a presence on social media is almost an absolute must. But what is social media? We hear that term a lot, especially on the news and in public places. Social media is those websites and applications that give users the opportunity to create and share content for the sole purpose of social networking, or communicating with others. Social media allows people and communities to connect in ways they were unable to in the past, paving the way for new or renewed connections.

While many think social media is only an option for those looking to share family photos or cat videos, social media has opened the door to new marketing opportunities, especially when it comes to real estate. Whether a buyer, seller, or real estate agent, social media is an excellent tool to get the word out about properties, and should you be considering a real estate search soon, don’t forget to look to social media for more ways to market your property or find your dream home.

With all the social media sites that abound at this time, what about the large sites as well? Sites like, Trulia, Zillow?

RealtorSocialThey will always have their place as people love to look up homes on these sites and with their apps for your smartphone, they make it simple as pie.

But this post it truly about social media and all the different tools that abound in today’s market. Tools that are like kicking your feet back and having a group of friends over to see your fabulous home (or to find YOUR dream home) and a wonderful cup of coffee or glass of wine.

Next week we will delve in the most dominant social media sites and how they differ and just how they will help you and your realtor sell or find you a home.