6 Tips to Keep Cool While Upgrading Your Home

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Since we have been posting so many articles about updating your home, this post is here to remind you to take proper precautions to keep your health (and your sanity) intact. In this blistering summer heat, it is very important to be cautious and avoid heat stroke and dehydration. Here’s 5 tips to keep your cool when the work must go on!

1. Hydrate Before, During & After: Before you begin your work, make sure you’ve downed adequate fluids. We’re talking the night before, the morning of and during any project you’ll be undertaking. Your body sweats to cool off and if you’re dehydrated it can make things even toastier! Don’t forget to keep drinking after the job is done, preferably more water than alcohol.

2. Wear Breathable Clothing: Yes you can bust out the sleeveless shirts, but make sure you actually wear one. Your clothing helps wick the sweat away from your body, allowing the air to blow through it and keep you cool. By forgoing clothing you’re actually doing yourself a disservice, even if it means you’ll have a funny tan line later.

3. Fans & Ice: Even if you don’t have the ability to turn on the air conditioning or an attic fan, moving any air can make a difference (even if it’s not cool). Try buying blocks of ice and setting them in front of your fan in a plastic tray or serving dish and let the fan blow over the top. It won’t make your space a meat locker, but it will turn things down by 5 degrees, usually.

4. Take Breaks: Although it can feel like you’re prolonging to time spent being sweaty, taking a few breaks to have a snack or refreshing beverage can help keep your body out of the danger zone before you spontaneously combust!

5. Change of Clothes: Even though we mentioned above that clothes play an important role in keeping your cool, once they’re fully soaked, they don’t hold the ability to continue wicking water. They might to some small degree, but not as efficiently as you need them to. A quick change will do you good and prevent chafing (gross, but true!).

6. Work Early & Late: Try working early, before the sun is in full force and take a nap during the hottest hours of the afternoon heat. Once you’ve rested and the sun has gone done, you can resume work. It’s easier to work ridiculously early or late if given the chance to help keep the temperatures down.

Do you have a heat-busting tip? Let us know below!